• Resources

    This page will contain resources for families to assist in at-home teaching and learning. 
     If you have a resource you'd like to see added to this page, please email Emily - edavis@rvusd.org with the details and site address.
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    Typing Agent  &  MobyMax

    1. Go to: app.typingagent.com  or mobymax.com

    2. Scroll down to "Log in to Typing Agent with:" (You'll need to scroll down past the regular login.
    3. Click on "Clever."
    4. Where it asks for school name, type in: Home Study
    5. Click on: Home Study/ Rincon Valley Charter School, CA
    6. Click on: Log in with Google
    7. Enter your child's email address:  123456@rvusdstudent.org (substitute your child's ID number) 
    8. Enter your child's password:  first initial, last name, then numbers so at least 8 spaces are used.  
           Examples: Emily Davis would be edavis12. 
                             Igor Stravinsky would be istravinsky
    Follow the prompts, and you're in!



    Here's the link to a former district curriculum's spelling lists K-6:


    Math Resources:

    Here's the link to the Common Core Math that RVUSD classrooms are using if you want more lessons by subject area:


    This site has some good resources for printing at home:



    Lexia Reading Software:  (K-3 only, unless otherwise informed by teacher)

    1.    Launch a web browser and go to www.lexiacore5.com.

    ·     Create a bookmark for this web address or add it as a favorite.

    ·     You will see a link to download Adobe Flash Player if you do not have it. 
    Flash Player 11 or higher is required.

    ·     If you have a slow Internet connection and have speed issues, you can download the Core5 software to your computer instead of using the website. Go to www.lexialearning.com and click Downloads at the top of the page.

    ·     iPad and iPad Mini users can download the Core5 app from the App store. Search for “Lexia Reading Core5.”

    2.    The first time you access Core5, you must set up your device:

    ·     Click the Student/Parent button.

    ·     Type in your teacher’s email (edavis@rvusd.org) and click the arrow button to continue.

    ·     You will not have to set up again unless you delete the browser’s “cookie” files.

    3.    Allow or help your child to login. (username and password in separate email)

    Important! Please allow your child to work independently at his or her own pace. Provide encouragement, but don’t give away the answers!

    4.    Please try to ensure an average of 20-30 minutes per session. We recommend that usage be kept to a reasonable level – not too short and not too long. 
    Pre-K students may need shorter, more frequent usage (10-15 minutes daily).


    6th Grade Science Genetics Unit Resources

    Genetics of Harry Potter - National Institutes of Health curriculum explaining the genetics of magical creatures using Punnett Squares and patterns of inheritance
    Genetics of Bloops - Wards Science kit activity (but easily recreated from craft store supplies if you don't want to buy the $100 kit; see attached student handout - I can help you through the set up - once you get a set made, it's good for multiple classes for many years)