Welcome to the RVCS Home Study Program

The Rincon Valley Home Study Program is an active partnership between the school district and parents who choose to instruct their children at home. The responsibility for delivering daily instruction belongs to the parents; the school district provides direction, guidance, and materials with a credentialed teacher developing lesson plans and monitoring progress. Teacher, parent, and child meet regularly to review student work and prepare new assignments.

In Rincon Valley's Home Study Program, skills and standards can be tailored to address a student’s special interests. Thus, home study students have the opportunity to engage in independent study projects that extend their knowledge and enhance learning in an individual way. This individualized instruction provided for students through home study follows guidelines established by the district to ensure grade level skills and standards are met. Home study students take part in all district and state testing.

Our Home Study community has an on-campus day, students of all ages are invited to attend on Wednesdays from 9:30-1:30pm for enrichment and social activities. Our time together includes academic instruction, art projects, recess and lunch as social opportunities, and various enrichment activities that change throughout the year. Our community also has monthly field trips and community get-togethers. Families often have multiple students enrolled in our program and stay with us for many years.

Programs offered at school sites, such as music, art, computer lab, science, library, and PE, are made available to home study students who choose to return to a classroom for designated lessons. Attendance at assemblies and special school events can also be arranged. This arrangement often offsets the need for socialization and the development of cooperative skills.

When considering home study, parents must examine their time commitment, relationship with their child, and ability to provide the organized, daily routine necessary to establish a successful learning environment at home. Many parents find the experience intense, yet rewarding; giving them insight into teaching and their child’s learning. Assuming the dual role of parent and teacher is not always easy or successful.

Often parents choose to enroll their child in home study for a short period of time and then return their child to the regular classroom. The decision to participate in home study needs to be made with a great deal of careful thought and with strong commitments from both student and parent. When the decision is made, the Rincon Valley District is committed to the success of home study endeavors.

All Rincon Valley students receive a quality education with a strong academic foundation through challenging curriculum. Home study provides yet another opportunity for meeting these goals as well as the needs of students and their families.

If you have any questions about the program, please call Emily Davis, Home Study Coordinator, at 707-539-6060 ext.4394 or edavis@rvusd.org.