Rincon Valley News

Dear Parents of RVCS, Spring Creek and Matanzas,


I am writing to update you on the next steps for the reconfiguration decision. The original proposal considers the future (2-3 years from now) configuration of RVCS- Matanzas and RVCS- Sequoia onto one school site: Matanzas and Spring Creek and Matanzas reconfiguring to one school site at Spring Creek. After many opportunities of engagement with stakeholders and input from the website, we are now considering other options that are worthy of more examination. Therefore, in order to provide adequate time to prepare a thorough report for the board and to allow for additional stakeholder input, we have decided to extend the decision to the January Board Meeting.  We feel that allowing one more month to provide a deeper analysis of more options will ultimately lead to a better decision overall.


The new timeline looks like this:

Sequoia Parent Input

November 14th, 5:30pm @Seqouia

RVCS Staff Input @Sequoia

November 21st, 3:30pm @RVCS-Sequoia

SC/MTZ Staff Input

December 12th, 3:15pm SC/MTZ at Matanzas

Board Discussion/Board Meeting

December 10th @District Office

3:00-4:00 Closed Session

4:00-6:30: Reconfiguration Discussion

7:00: Regular Session

Board Meeting: Decision Made


January 14th @District Office



Based on stakeholder input, the options that the subcommittee would like to bring to the board for consideration are: 

  • Leave school sites as they are and make no changes to grade levels or campuses; RVCS-Sequoia and RVCS- Matanzas remain 2 separate sites; Spring Creek and Matanzas remain 2 separate sites
  • Original Proposal: Both RVCS campuses reconfigure onto one school site (location: Matanzas); Spring Creek and Matanzas reconfigure onto one school site (location: Spring Creek)
  • New proposal: Both RVCS campuses reconfigure onto one school site (location: Spring Creek); Spring Creek and Matanzas merge onto one school site (location: Matanzas)
  • New proposal: Spring Creek (location: Spring Creek) becomes a K-4 or K-5 campus and Matanzas becomes a 4-8 campus or a 5-8 campus (location Matanzas). Both RVCS campuses merge onto one school site (location: Matanzas).


Additionally, we have added answers to many of the questions that were asked at recent meetings, including from the Community Engagement Meeting on October 15th. Please see the most recent FAQ at rvusdfuture.org.

 Although we would all like to have a decision made in December, allowing more time for a more thorough review will leave is all in a better position for the future.

 The board and the subcommittee are infinitely grateful for your patience and willingness to engage in assisting in making this very important decision.



Tracy Smith