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April 13, 2020

Message from the Principal

We are now beginning our fourth week of distance learning.  Our schedule is set up to best meet student needs and give teachers the ability to connect with students, and we are utilizing resources that work best for providing students with academic support from afar.  

We have also been able to get clarity around grading and assessment for the remainder of the school year.  Beginning next week, because these are such unusual times and not everyone will experience the same degree of hardship, ALL students will be “held harmless” with regards to school work. This means that students will not be penalized should they not be able to complete the school work being provided through the distance learning plan.  In other words, current grades will include work assigned up until the last day prior to Spring Break.  After that point, work assigned and completed during distance learning can only improve student grades; it cannot lower grades.

Teachers will continue to post work and provide content information.  As students submit work, it will be graded to the best of teachers' ability; please be patient as their circumstances and working environments are also widely varied. Teachers will also work to make adjustments for students who need alternative ways to access assignments or information.

It is important for students to try to complete work to the best of their ability.  We know how stressful this time is for students and families; not having the consistency and support of being at school is increasingly difficult.  By providing structure and support, we hope to ease this difficulty and encourage students to continue growing during this time. We are here to help!

Hannah Bates, RVCS Principal


Upcoming Dates:

 Counselor Parent Coffee Talk, Friday, April 17th, 10 am

Zoom/Group Meetings Etiquette

Online learning forums pose unique with “classroom” etiquette.  Best practices for Zoom or other online learning forums are below:

  • Your child should have a workspace that is free from distraction as much as possible.

  • Please help us keep a classroom environment by not having other people in the background or part of the screen while your child is participating in class.

  • Your child should use their real name to login to the classroom.  They should also show themselves (at least briefly) to their teacher so that they can be counted for attendance.

  • Your child should make sure all interactions on their device are appropriate, including the chat box.

  • Please remind your child to refrain from other activities during class (watching TV, playing video games, etc.)

Reminder Regarding Laptop Use and Securely Monitoring

Please remind your children that their devices are still district monitored and use of inappropriate language, inappropriate searches, and other computer misuses that are blocked by Securely are reported to our district admin.  There have been a number of students searches coming up on our Securely platform as inappropriate, so please check in and make sure your child is following district computer use guidelines.

RVCS Parents’ Association 

As we receive further updates regarding possible school closures and other changes to the schedule, we will keep you posted on upcoming Parents Association Meetings.  

Please see the documents section of the website for additional information.