2019-2020 Employees of the Year will be announced in August, stay tuned!

Lori DiSanto - Certificated Employee of the Year - 2018-19
The Giving Lori
Once there was a Lori DiSanto
And she loved Village Elementary Charter
And every day Lori comes
And she gathers her kids
And makes them into reading kings of the forest.
They climb the ladder of reading success
And they swing with joy upon learning to read
And they devour the fruits of Lori’s hard labor of love
And they sometimes play hide-and go-seek
And Lori never seems to tire of any of it
And the students, teacher, and staff love Lori
Very much
And Lori is happy
To just give, and give and give of herself and all of her beautiful positivity.
As time goes by
And the boys and girls grew older
Lori is not alone, as they come back to say hello with so much joy
Even when her apples, leaves and branches seem gone at times
And all that seems left is an old stump to sit on,
Lori is happy
Because she just gives, gives and gives of herself
And her happiness and joy is what inspires everyone that comes into contact with
The Lori DiSanto
And Lori is happy.
Congratulations Lori on being Rincon Valley Teacher of the Year for 2018-2019 School Year
You are truly deserving of the honor and glory of being selected for this high honor. Village would not be the Village we have without our Giving Lori!
Cecilia Franco Holt

Sam Sammang - Classified Employee of the Year 2018-19
IT doesn’t always have the reputation of the kindest and most courteous department. It can be difficult to find people that have both the technical expertise and social ability to fully support a learning environment like a school. It is this combination of skills that makes Sam such an asset to RVUSD. Sam’s reputation with the staff of RVUSD is excellent. As I have visited sites with Sam, I always notice that he brings a smile to people’s faces and is always kind and courteous with all staff and any problem they may have. This attitude is essential in encouraging our staff to feel comfortable and supported when trying out new things with technology, both in and out of the classroom.
In fact, at RVUSD he is more than a staff member- he is part of the RVUSD community. You can see this in the fact that he invites teachers to his house for Cambodian dinners, helps plan birthday parties for teachers, or when he shows up with coffee and donuts when working a Saturday. When people call the IT office they are often asking for Sam by name because of the rapport he has with so many of our staff members and how comfortable they feel with him helping with their computer issue.
In terms of his technical ability, Sam is always eager to learn and gain new skills to better serve the students and staff of RVUSD. In IT, this growth mindset is essential as technology is always changing. In the short time Sam and I have worked together, we have implemented a few new systems and programs and Sam is always excited to gain new skills, learn best practices and contribute his expertise and help make sure programs are set up correctly, as well as move forward quickly to best serve the Rincon Valley Community.
For all of these reasons, I could not be more pleased and thankful that the Board is giving me the opportunity to recognize Sam on behalf of the Rincon Valley Union School District. The attitude Sam brings the job and the people he interacts with is deserving of celebration and something all staff should strive to achieve. Congratulations Sam!
Jacob Lopez