Bringing Medication To School

If your child must take medication, please try to arrange the time schedule so it may be taken at home. However, if this is impossible, medications prescribed by a physician may be brought to school by the parent if the following procedures are used:

1. All medication brought to school (including prescription and "over the counter" medication) is to be kept in the school office and administered by an adult on staff. Asthma inhalers may be carried by the student only when indicated on the physician's prescription. Required form here.

2. Prescription medication and "over the counter" medication can be administered at school, but must be accompanied by a note signed by the parent and the physician. The note must include the medication name, the dosage, any possible side effects, and time schedule.

3. Medication must be in its original container labeled with the child's name, name of the medication, dosage and physician's name.

4. Do not send medication in your child's lunch box or backpack expecting him/her to take the medication by himself/herself.

5. All medication must be picked up by an adult from the school office on the last day of school or it will be disposed of in accordance with State regulations.