"Lauren Ridgeway is so invested as EL Coordinator! She cares so very much about making sure teachers are prepared to present the best possible materials in the newest, most organized, and engaging fashion! A true RVUSD Hero!!!" - from a classified staff member

"Mrs. Clark at Sequoia Elementary has been the most stable, calm, helpful, and informative support for both staff and families!!! She has reached out to me both as a staff member and as a parent of a child and I can't thank her enough for her efforts! She understands what it is like to be both a parent and a teacher and for that I am grateful! She is a huge support for this district!"

"Diana Ortiz, Binkley's English Learner Assistant and Bilingual Family Liaison, went above and beyond to help our specialists get some needed information from a parent this week. Her help was requested at the last minute and she set up the meeting quickly and translated official documents within a day. She went above and beyond to ensure that everyone had accurate information. Diana also supports our students and their families and is such a huge asset to our team. Thank you Diana!" - Binkley Principal & Psychologist

"Stephanie Nolan, kindergarten teacher, has done an outstanding job of making sure that all of her students are aware of food allergies in her classroom. My daughter and I were making treats for her birthday party this weekend and my daughter wanted to know if there were any peanuts in what we were making because her friends that would be coming have allergies. She even made me email the parents to ask what treats the other kids could have! Mrs. Nolen has instilled a great sense of friendship and awareness in her kids!" - Sequoia Parent

"Did you know at Spring Creek and Matanzas the office staff helps make Christmas possible for many school families each December? Through campus food drives, many care packages are created and distributed to help our families get through the winter break. Additionally, toys are collected and matched up to families with the help of our teachers and the Toys for Tots programs. Toys and gifts are supplemented with additional shopping from teachers, retired teachers, and families of teachers. Finally, when the need is too great, which can often be the case at this time of year, the schools reach out to other community organizations to match up families with resources, whether that be finding short term housing, gathering basic necessities, or connecting to mental health services. This is a team effort on the part of the staff at Spring Creek and Matanzas, who consider the work a vital part of educating the students they serve." -Certificated Staff Member

"Mrs. Rains, Mr. Barclay, Mr. Lister, Mr. Cosgrove, Mrs. Conrad and Mrs. Matthiessen are wonderful helping students who struggle. They’re there to help them and go the extra mile to help them be successful."  RVCS Sequoia Campus Parent

"I would like to report, with the deepest gratitude, the daily and truly heroic efforts of our Calistoga Road Crossing Guard Beth. Beth watches over our families, kids and parents, as we cross an ever increasingly dangerous road twice a day. She knows the names of almost everyone who crosses, takes interest in our lives inside and outside of school, attends school activities, and shows her spirit and support for us every single day. The quality of her character demonstrates care and concern above and beyond the call of duty. In turn, we all care about Beth. For example, when Beth takes a leave or sick day everyone wonders out loud, "Where's Beth?" Please take this recommendation to pay tribute to her continued efforts, if not for the first time, then again and again and again. Beth has set the standards incredibly high, she is not just an employee doing a job, she is invaluable, she is a landmark, and she is Sequoia Family."   Sequoia School Parent

"Mrs. Reno is our daughter's hero. She is so patient, loving, and thoughtful to her whole class. My daughter comes home saying nothing but great things about Mrs. Reno. One of her favorite things to play is school and she imitates Mrs. Reno."  Madrone School Parent

"Joe O'Connell is a parent at Spring Creek. He volunteers and helps to monitor our drop off and pick up zones every Wednesday morning.  Joe stepped up after a request in our parent newsletter, and he keeps the drop off area flowing and asks for people to use the crosswalks instead of jaywalking.  Joe has a friendly and caring way about him, and parents respond positively to him.  Joe cares about the safety of our students.  We all appreciate Joe's help." - Spring Creek Principal

"I am so lucky to work in the Matanzas library because I get to enjoy the amazing decorations that Rosie Petrisko puts up. In November, the library had large, beautiful sepia photos of indigenous tribal leaders. Currently, the Chinese Lunar New Year display is very impressive. I fell in love with the Black History Month poster in the front window. I looked at the copyright to see about ordering one for my office at Spring Creek. Low and behold, it looks like Rosie is the designer. Wow! Kudos to Rosie for ensuring that all of our students see reflections of multiple cultures when they visit the library. I do not believe this is the norm in other libraries, and it isOne Column not a topic we have discussed in RV before. But it is most definitely the right thing to do." - Matanzas Support Coordinator

"Today Catarina Gudino met our new student outside. He was having a hard time being ready for school. She talked to him about it and told him how glad she was he was here. She hugged him and reminded him that today was the Brent Store where he could spend his hard earned Brent Bucks. He perked up. She then said “What if we make today a great day? You can decide right now today will be your best day ever. Show Ms. Brent what a great job you can do and I’ll be watching and giving you lots of Brent Bucks along the way. I bet Ms. Brent will be so happy she will write a note to your mom telling her about your day." He excitedly said yes and came in to the classroom. He proceeded to not only have his best day, but one of the best days any of my students have ever had. From the first bell until the last. He was so proud. He was full of smiles. After morning recess he said to me “I was really good Ms. Brent and guess what happened? The kids wanted to play with me! With ME!” Catarina is irreplaceable. She single handedly totally changed that crying, upset, feeling defeated little boy’s day. And it changed the day for the whole class." - RVP Teacher

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