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Email Hoax Parent Notification

April 9, 2018

From Dr. Tony Roehrick, Superintendent

Dear RVUSD Families,

Earlier today, we were notified of an email hoax that is described below in a press release created by the
Sonoma County Office of Education. The email in question was also sent to me at 9:41 pm last night,
though I did not see it until learning of the hoax today as the email was delivered to my spam folder.
While the threat has been determined to be a hoax, we nonetheless take safety very seriously. We are
working with the Santa City School District and local law enforcement to ensure necessary steps are
being taken. Should any further details emerge, we will be sure to let you know.


Email hoax sent to Sonoma County Schools

April 9, 2018- A threat of violence at school was emailed late this weekend to the
superintendents of Sonoma County school districts in what is believed to be a
widespread hoax by a party outside the United States. The threats, also sent to other
school districts around California, appear to all contain the same messaging and
language. They omit any specifics about days, times, or even the names of schools or
districts. They also appear similar in approach to a spate of hoax threats perpetrated in
the United Kingdom in recent weeks. Police have indicated the threats are not credible
but are working with affected districts to ensure safety and security.

The Sonoma County Office of Education (SCOE) Information Technology department
is looking into this matter as well. It does not appear there was any breach in school
district internet or email security, nor in the security of school staff or students. As an
extra precaution, SCOE IT is forwarding the matter to the Northern California
Computer Crimes Task Force for further investigation.

“While we do not believe these threats are in any way credible, schools are working
closely with local law enforcement to determine who is responsible,” said County
Superintendent Steve Herrington. “Student safety, security, and well being are the
highest priority in Sonoma County Schools.”


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