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Oak Park Property Acquisition Update

June 11, 2018

Dear Interested Party:

As you know, the Rincon Valley Union School District has expressed its intent to purchase the former
Oak Park property and adjacent parcels. The District is pleased to announce that we closed on the
purchase today and we are now the owners of these parcels. Our reason for purchasing this property is
to eventually construct a new school. That need is projected to be 10-15 years from now.
Our immediate plans for the property are to maintain it in much of its current condition. There are areas
that need to be attended to such as removing the pools, the interior fencing, light poles, and some of the
vegetation. We will also secure the perimeter with a low profile fence. There are two residences on the
property that survived the fire. We intend to rent these homes, which will provide a stable presence on
the property and provide the district with funding to maintain the property until needed for a school.
The homes are badly in need of renovation before they can be rented.

We expect the work described above to begin as soon as possible now that we have taken ownership.
Once this initial work is completed, we will provide ongoing maintenance such as mowing the fields and
thinning brushy areas. We are committed to maintain this property so it continues to add to the local
flavor of the neighborhood in the interim years.

When we are ready to construct a new school, we will begin a long and thoughtful planning process that
will include input from close by neighbors and the extended Rincon Valley community. Our vision is to
construct the new school so it becomes a valuable and cherished asset for the neighborhood. We know
our biggest challenge will be to mitigate new traffic brought to the area. By collaborating with the City
of Santa Rosa and Santa Rosa City Schools (owners of Rincon Valley Middle School), we are confident
that we can improve the congestion already present in the area during drop-off and pick-up times. This
can be done, in part, by widening Badger Road to provide a turn lane, adding sidewalks along Baird and
Badger roads, and staggering start times with RVMS.

In the interim, our commitment is to be a good neighbor. We demonstrate every day our ability to
maintain public buildings and property. We will do the same with the Oak Park property.


Tony Roehrick, Ed.D.