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Rincon Valley Unions Schools Plan to be Open Tomorrow Wednesday November 14th

There was a meeting this afternoon at the Sonoma County Office of Education which included many district superintendents and was facilitated by a representative from the Sonoma County Public Health Division.   The result of the meeting was an agreed upon framework as to what air quality conditions would need to exist for schools to be closed.   Although the exact air quality index for school closures has not been finalized by the Sonoma County Office of Education, given the recent air quality index, it is very likely all schools and programs in the Rincon Valley Union School District School will be open tomorrow.   In the unlikely event the situation changes, all families and staff will be notified before 6:00 AM tomorrow morning. 

In addition, our District and school site administrators met today to discuss and review procedures to limit students’ exposure to outdoor activities.  We are also running air purifiers in every classroom, will be inspecting and replacing HVAC filters as needed and will continue to take necessary steps to ensure student and staff safety.

We realize this situation has been a hardship for many families due to childcare situations and work obligations, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility during these unusual times.