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Dear Spring Creek Parents,                              

For the fourth year, Seedlings Garden Group, a nonprofit organization, is partnering with Spring Creek to bring you Spring Creek Garden Club!  We have a lot of work to do and are anxious to get started, so club starts next Friday, September 13, 201 after school and runs until 3:30 pm.  Permission slips must be turned in in order for your kid to participate.  Garden club is a free program; however, we are asking parents to contribute a suggested donation of $15.00 for the school year to help purchase supplies for the club.  A free canvas bag with our Seedlings Logo will be given with each $15.00 donation.  If you can’t donate, please consider donating your time or resources to help our garden thrive.  Many hands make for light work!

Our website is up and running and has information about our nonprofit and the schools we currently sponsor.  Website can be found at  We also have an active Facebook found @seedlingsgardengroup and we welcome you to visit to see how our gardens are growing.  

Thank you for your interest and support—we are changing the world, one garden at a time!

Estimados padres de Spring Creek,

Para el tercer año, Seedlings Garden Group, una organización sin fines de lucro, ¡está trabajando con Spring Creek para traerte el grupo de jardín de Spring Creek! Tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer y estamos ansiosos por empezar, así que el club empieza el próximo lunes, 30 de augusto después de la escuela y corre hasta las 3:45 pm. Por tercer año, Seedlings Garden Group, una organización sin fines de lucro se está asociando con Spring Creek para ofrecerle Spring Creek club de jardín. Tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer y estamos ansiosos por comenzar, por lo que el club comienza el próximo viernes, el 13 de septiembre después de la escuela y dura hasta las 3:30p.m. Las hojas de permiso deben entregarse para que su niño participe. Garden Club es un programa gratuito, sin embargo, pedimos a los padres que contribuyan con una donación sugerida de $ 15.00 para el año escolar a fin de ayudar a comprar suministros para el club. Con cada donación de $ 15.00 se entregará una bolsa de lona con nuestro Logo de Seedlings. Si no puede donar, considere donar su tiempo o recursos para ayudar a que nuestro jardín prospere. Nuestro sitio web está en funcionamiento y tiene información sobre nuestra organización sin fines de lucro y las escuelas que patrocinamos actualmente. El sitio web es También tenemos un Facebook activo encontrado @seedlingsgardengroup y le invitamos a que visite para ver cómo crecen nuestros jardines.

Gracias por su interés y apoyo: ¡estamos cambiando el mundo, un jardín a la vez!


-------------------------------------detach and return to office/separar y regresar al la oficina--------------------------

NAME/NOMBRE(Parent/Padre) ____________________ PHONE/ TELÉFONO_____________________

I want to donate/yo quiero donar: $_______________ EMAIL:_________________________________

Address/Dirección)______________________________   I can volunteer/puede ser voluntario:   Yes/Si  /   No 


Garden Club at Spring creek

Come one, come all!  Spring Creek is starting garden club that will be held on campus for the fourth year.  The club will meet Friday after school and run until 3:30 pm in the Spring Creek Garden.  We encourage parents and siblings to come along and please be sure to bring water, a snack, and wear old clothing!


Students must turn in a signed permission slip in order to participate in the club.  The club is free to all students wanting to participate; however, we are asking for a suggested donation of $15.00.  Each $15.00 donation will receive a canvas bag with our Seedlings logo.  All donations go directly back into the Spring Creek garden to purchase plants and materials needed to make our club and garden successful.  Younger siblings are welcome to attend with parent supervision.


 Students are expected to:

●      Report to the Spring Creek garden on Friday after school starting on September 13th and remain with club supervisors until they get picked up at 3:30. 

●      Show responsible behavior and participate in club activities.  If your child is not actively participating in the club we may ask you to attend with them.  The club is run by volunteer parents, so continued misbehavior will result in withdrawal from the club

------------------Please Complete And Return to office ---------------------


I give ___________________________________________ to stay work in the Spring Creek Garden.  

                            (student name)

After meetings, he/she will be picked up at or before 3:30pm by____________________________.


In an emergency, I can be reached at __________________________________ and by email at:



In case of an emergency, I authorize Seedlings Garden Group and Spring Creek Elementary permission to administer emergency services to our child___________________________.

_________________________________________________________________________________                          ___________________________________________

                             (parent signature)                                                                                                                (date)

I grant/decline (circle one) Seedlings Garden Group and the right to take photographs of my child ________________________ to be published on Seedlings Garden Group facebook page and soon to be published website.  Email for ways you can help and all donation checks should be made out to Seedlings Garden Group and given to the office for deposit.

Donate directly to Seedlings by visiting us on our website,