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Hello Spring Creek Families,

We have some new materials exchange self service procedures. Check out the video.


 New Spring Creek Material Exchange 

Self Service Procedures

  1. Pull your vehicle up to the front of the school and park.

  2. Walk to the designated area and look for the black rolling cart with your children’s teacher name.

  3. Find the file folder with your child’s name.

  4. Take your child’s new bag of supplies and place returned items in its place.

  5. Please double check that you took your child’s materials and not another student’s materials.

  6. Return library books into the green bin. (Not to the teacher)


  • Please use the hand sanitizer before exchanging materials.

  • Please stay six feet apart from others.

  • Wear a mask.

Please return the plastic bag at each materials exchange with the items your teacher has requested. 

Our Next Material Exchange is Wed. Oct. 21st from 7:30AM-3:30 PM