During the last several years, Whited has seen its California State Similar School Score rise from six to ten, the highest one can achieve. In addition, when our school was compared to 100 Similar Schools, Whited ranked number one in the State of California. Since state accountability was introduced in 1999, our API has increased from 773 to, most recently, 922, the fourth highest API score in Sonoma County among K-6 schools.

In addition, Whited has been selected as a "Spotlight School" by the Sonoma County Office of Education, a "Showcase School" by the Sonoma County Association of School Administrators, and was one of five elementary schools in Sonoma County to be selected recently as a California Distinguished School.

We attribute our success to an outstanding staff, which includes a Rincon Valley District Teacher of the Year and several Rincon Valley Teachers who have received Teacher of the Month awards. We provide a challenging and accelerated curriculum that meets the needs of our diverse students, with an emphasis on our GATE and high-achieving students. Several teachers have attended the California Association for the Gifted conference to increase their knowledge of the challenges of gifted youth. Identified GATE students receive Individual Learning Plans to help meet their academic and social/emotional needs. In addition, Sandra Kaplan's elements of depth and complexity are seamlessly woven into lessons throughout the day, benefiting all students.

Whited offers several evening events in collaboration with parents, including Pajama Reading Night, Dr. Seuss Read-Across-America events, Math Fair, Science Fair, and band and theater productions, to just mention a few.

Perhaps our school slogan best sums up the attitude of our school community, "All Eagles Soar, Whatever It Takes."