Rincon Valley Charter School Enrollment

Rincon Valley Charter School Online Application (CLICK HERE)

The purpose of Rincon Valley Charter School is to provide an excellent core academic program in a small school setting. We provide a student-centered, project-based learning environment in which technology, fine arts, inquiry, and service learning are the foundational components. We differentiate our instruction to meet the academic needs of all students. We strive to develop a 21st century learner by building relationships, using critical thinking, and engaging curriculum to meet academic standards. To ensure the success of our purpose, we will measure and evaluate our efforts using state, district, and school standards. We are here to inspire students to be self-motivated, competent, lifelong learners and exemplary citizens with the help and guidance of the entire school community. At Rincon Valley Charter School students can expect the following:

  • Students are held to a high academic and behavior standard.
  • Learning occurs in a context that values fairness, equity, justice, honor, civility, service to others and democratic principles.
  • Learning occurs in a classroom setting that emphasizes the ability of all students to do quality work and to meet the standards for their grade and subject.
  • Active learning develops student proficiency through creative work involving problem solving and other tasks requiring complex reasoning.
  • Learning emphasizes direct and frequent interaction with real-life experiences.
  • Learning occurs in classrooms that honor the richness of human diversity. The contributions of all ethnic, linguistic, and cultural traditions are celebrated.
  • Learning occurs in inclusive groups that emphasize caring teachers and differentiated instruction.
  • Learning occurs in a setting that values participation, cooperation, and collaboration among teachers, administrators, students, parents, and community.
  • Learning involves locating information from print and digital sources and validating the quality and integrity of the content.
  • Learning takes place in classrooms where students participate in selecting ways in which they will demonstrate their academic proficiency and have input in developing scoring criteria.
  • Learning emphasizes the value of redoing, polishing, and perfecting work until it represents the highest quality of which students are capable.