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California ELD Standards and ELD Framework, along with individual ELPAC student scores will guide teachers’ instructional decisions for students learning English. 

Integrated ELD support is provided throughout the day as academic language development in the core content areas; explicitly teaching English language skills (vocabulary, syntax, discourse)

  • Benchmark Advance provides instructional suggestions for I-ELD.

Designated ELD is protected time during the regular school day in which the ELD standards are used to develop the critical English language development that English learners need. School sites will determine how ELs are grouped, and instruction occurs 4-5 times per week by a certificated teacher. 

EL Assistants work primarily with students at lower levels of English proficiency to assist with oral language acquisition. They may also be utilized to support students in the classroom so teachers can provide D-ELD instruction. EL Assistants have been trained to use Benchmark Advance leveled readers and readers theater, as well as vocabulary strategies, and AR monitoring.

Reclassification procedures are initiated by the Principal and Support Coordinator and guided by the following documents.