PE Instruction will adhere to the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools K-12

PE Instructional Minutes are outlined by California Education Code Sections 51210 and 51222. 

  • Grades 1-6: 200 minutes of physical education every ten school days. 

  • Grades 7-8: 400 minutes of physical education every ten school days.

Classroom teachers will be teaching PE at the elementary level and are encouraged to partner with their colleagues to rotate these responsibilities, as desired.

PE Activities can be accessed in the SPARK curriculum binder or a combination of lessons and activities that include walking the track, skill-based activities and games, yoga, team-building activities and health and well-being lessons.

The Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is part of the state testing program. The PFT is administered between February and May. You will receive additional information from your school about the specific dates and times of testing. All students in grades five and seven are tested.