Jacob Lopez: Director of Education and Information Technology

Jacob Lopez: Director of Education and Information Technology,

Jacob Lopez is excited to have joined the RVUSD team in July of 2018!

Mr. Lopez's technical background ranges from network design to server management to scripting and data automation, and is passionate in finding ways to help technology be used to meet the needs of all students.

Jacob Lopez comes to RVUSD having supported personalized learning programs, working with teachers and administrators to design and deploy adaptive software to support student across the MTSS pyramid. He also does trainings both locally and at conferences across the state on how technology can best be used to support students.

He loves working with the RVUSD staff to support all students in the District!

Thomas Hagle: District Technician Level 1

Thomas Hagle: District Technician Level 2,

I am Thomas Hagle. I grew up out by Sebastopol and migrated to Santa Rosa in my teen years. I began working in RVUSD in 2014 as a noon duty at Madrone and immediately fell in love with the job. I enjoy working with students and seeing them progress through their education. I have also always had a knack for technology. When I became the site computer tech at Madrone I was able to not only see and support more students but I was able to begin really supporting the teachers with classroom technology. Ensuring that teaching staff has what they need to conduct their lessons and helping them to be successful makes me happy. I also enjoy my volunteer work serving as the CSEA Chapter President. I plan to retire from Rincon Valley and look forward to helping you with your tech needs!

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Ryan Watts: District Technician,

Ryan has been interested in technology from a young age starting with taking apart electronics as a child, to building computers since middle school. All along the way, he has been driven to understand how things work and support friends and family with technology issues.

Ryan began working in the automotive industry after high school and was able to stand out in the parts department due to his commitment to customer service and to job quality. It was his rapport with customers that caused him to be recruited by a customer for commercial printer sales in Las Vegas, Nevada before moving back to California during Covid.

We are excited to have him join our team and his work ethic and customer service attitude have already stood out. During his interview he spoke of his goal to always understand the problem from the perspective of the staff member having the issue, then use his technical knowledge to resolve the issue. This people-first perspective is something we look for in team members, and I am sure it will stand out as you have the opportunity to meet him in the coming weeks as he visits all sites and classrooms to resolve issues for students and staff. As you see Ryan at your sites, please feel free to say hi and welcome him to RVUSD. We are lucky to have him!