Jacob Lopez: Director of Education and Information Technology

Jacob Lopez: Director of Education and Information Technology,

Jacob Lopez is excited to have joined the RVUSD team in July of 2018!

Mr. Lopez's technical background ranges from network design to server management to scripting and data automation, and is passionate in finding ways to help technology be used to meet the needs of all students.

Jacob Lopez comes to RVUSD having supported personalized learning programs, working with teachers and administrators to design and deploy adaptive software to support student across the MTSS pyramid. He also does trainings both locally and at conferences across the state on how technology can best be used to support students.

He is looking forward to working with the RVUSD staff to support all students in the district!

Sam Sammang: District Technician

Sam Sammang: District Technician,

Sam Sammang has been working with the district since August of 2014 and is dedicated to providing technical support for RUVSD staff and students. Sam enjoys gaining knowledge through his work in the district to best serve staff and students in the district.

Sam is always excited to take on projects that benefit allow the IT systems of RVUSD to best serve the staff and students of RVUSD. To Sam, RVUSD is his second home because of the relationship he has built with the RVUSD staff.

Every day he looks forward to serving the RVUSD staff and students.

Thomas Hagle: District Technician Level 1

Thomas Hagle: District Technician Level 1,

I am Thomas Hagle, though many call me Tommy. I grew up out by Sebastopol and migrated to Santa Rosa in my teen years. I began working in RVUSD in 2014 as a noon duty at Madrone and immediately fell in love with the job. I enjoy working with students and seeing them progress through their education. I have also always had a knack for technology. When I became the site computer tech at Madrone I was able to not only see and support more students but I was able to begin really supporting the teachers with classroom technology. Ensuring that teaching staff has what they need to conduct their lessons and helping them to be successful makes me happy. I also enjoy my volunteer work serving as the CSEA President. I hope to enjoy many years here at RVUSD.