Bringing you up-to-date information on the Rincon Valley Union Elementary School District's (RVUSD) review and recommendation process for the Oak Park property. Questions and comments can be emailed to:  oakpark@rvusd.org

Oak Park Property


  • In 2017, the District acquired a parcel of land located on Badger Road.

  • The land remains an undeveloped asset

  • The RVUSD Board of Education has directed RVUSD staff to conduct a comprehensive review and create a facilities Master Plan for all District-owned property 

  • As a District facility, the Oak Park property will be considered as part of this overall review

  • After careful deliberation, and with input from the public, the Board will make a decision about what to do with the property, which may include doing nothing at all at this time


  • To ensure a thorough review, the District has enlisted DCG Strategies to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate what is possible for the Oak Park property 

  • The findings of the study will be used to determine the best use of the property to meet the needs of the District and the surrounding community

  • Public input will be sought out and considered as part of the decision-making process


  • The Board believes it is important to make informed decisions about District assets

  • The Board and the public have a need to fully understand the allowable options for this undeveloped asset


  • We cannot stress strongly enough that we are taking a fresh look at this property and will not necessarily be bound by prior plans for the property

  • We are not entering into this review with any preconceived notions

  • The public will play an important role in the decision-making process

  • We wish to understand what we can do so that we can fully explore viable options. 

  • The RVUSD Board and District Administration are keenly aware that this property was acquired with public funds and want what is in the public's best interest.

  • We are genuinely committed to a transparent and thorough process where every voice will have a chance to be heard


  • DCG Strategies is conducting a feasibility study of the property


  • DCG will present findings to the Board of Education (December*)

  • Findings will be presented to the community (January*)

  • District and Board will accept community input through an ambitious, interactive community information and engagement plan.(January – February*) 

 *Timeline listed is approximate. The public will be notified of exact meeting dates in advance.

If you are interested to receiving updated information about Oak Park add your email to this distribution list by sending an email to oakpark@rvusd.org. This that will be used to push out information about the process. Otherwise, keep an eye on this section of the website. This is a dedicated page to keeping everyone up to date on the Oak Park project.

Questions and comments can also be emailed to:  oakpark@rvusd.org