Student Devices

Students With Computers

RVUSD is committed to Excellence in Education, including educating students to be successful in our technologically integrated world and job market. The student device programs listed below were developed in partnership with our teachers and are focused on developmental appropriateness and ensuring access to the digital tools and experiences to prepare them for success.

  • Preschool and TK - No student devices

  • Kinder - Ratio 1:3- 8 iPads per classroom

  • 1st Grade - Ratio 1:2 - 12 Touchscreen Chromebooks per classroom

  • 2nd Grade - Ratio 1:2 - 12 Chromebooks per classroom

  • 3rd and Up - Ratio 1:1 - Chromebooks matched to enrollment

  • 7-8 - Ration 1:1 - Takehome Chromebook program

Home-Access on a Chromebook

Resetting a Chrombook

Logging in on a personal device