All sixth grade students in the Rincon Valley Union School District are required to perform at least twenty hours of public service. We believe Community Service is important for all sixth graders because it contributes to:

  • A sense of self-worth.

  • A sense of community with friends and neighbors.

  • An understanding of commitment to a job.

  • Growth as an individual.

  • Learning responsibility.

  • Appreciation for the environment

  • Awareness of the needs of the community and how an individual can make a difference.

  • Learning the value of service --helping others who may not be able to help themselves.

Each student must complete twenty or more Community Service hours by mid May. Community Service completed during the summer prior to 6th grade may count. Parents will be asked to sign the students’ record sheets confirming the recorded hours. These will be brought to school where the hours will be recorded on the official record sheet. Up to 10 hours of community Service may be done as a class project or centered on the school. The remaining 10 hours must be completed outside the school day. Students may count community service performed the summer before 6th grade. The way in which each student performs community service varies widely. All that is needed is willingness and imagination.


  • Service Brochure (English)

  • Service Brochure (Spanish)

  • Service Record Sheet